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“Over the last decade or so, Calgary has really become a city that’s embraced its independent restaurants. There are a handful of places that really scream “Calgary” and naturally fall onto the “must taste” list for many visitors. When first visitors to Calgary ask me for restaurant recommendations, I weigh not only the deliciousness of my favourite spots, but also how unique they are, the level of innovation the chefs put into the dishes, and how representative they are of Calgary’s larger culinary culture,” says Elizabeth Chorney-Booth, a local food writer in Calgary.

We have local ingredients, Alberta beef, world-renowned chefs, fine dining, pub eateries, bistro’s and even food trucks.  Of course, there’s more…..much more.  Come and experience all that we have to offer!

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With some of the best barley in the world growing just outside the city, Calgary’s craft beer scene is booming. There are over 32 breweries, two distilleries, and a cidery in Calgary ready for you to explore with a thirst quenching lineup of craft beers and a unique story behind each one. The Calgary Beer Map makes exploring these pints a breeze. Take a tour, meet the brew master, and start exploring local breweries in Calgary.