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Calgary Attractions

Calgary is a cultured city!  It is a city that is vibrant, sophisticated and fun when it comes to entertaining our guests.  To each his own!  Your experience could involve bobsledding down an Olympic course or listening to the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra or participating in one of the many year round festivals.  We’ve got it all for you!

Calgary Tower

03-03-Tower CentreOriginally named the Husky Tower, the Calgary Tower  was built to honour Canada’s centennial. Travel to up to the observation desk to experience 360 degree views of the city and our surrounding landscape. While at the top, enjoy dinner in their rotating restaurant, Sky 360.


Glenbow Museum


The Glenbow showcases world-renowned travelling and permanent exhibitions that are meaningful to many diverse groups in our community, boasts the largest art collection in Western Canada and provides access and care to our collections.


Calgary Zoo

Calgary zoo(4)

The Calgary Zoo is located just east of the city’s downtown. The Calgary Zoo is the second largest zoo in Canada and in 2012 was the nation’s most visited zoo. In 2014 it was named by TripAdvisor as Canada’s top zoo and it has received international recognition as one of the top zoos in the world for conservation research.


Telus Spark

TelusSpark Science Centre

TELUS Spark is Calgary’s Science Centre. Facilitators fuel curiosity. Exhibits and programs ignite a sense of wonder and excitement. Conferences and events act as a catalyst for innovation and new ideas. TELUS Spark is a place for people of all ages and abilities to let go and embrace the desire to explore and discover science, technology, engineering, art and math.


Heritage Park


With more than 200 exhibits and attractions spread over 127 acres of lush parkland, Heritage Park  Historical Village has a lot to offer both the history buff and the pleasure seeker. It’s the perfect balance between historical fact, adventure, discovery and fun that makes our take on the tale of Western Canadian settlement so unique.




As the premiere site of the XV Olympic Winter Games in Calgary, Winsport Canada is perhaps the most visible legacy of the 1988 Games to visitors and Calgary alike – truly a one-of-a-kind attraction. Situated 15 minutes from downtown Calgary, Winsport is host to many different activities throughout the year, such as: skiing, snowboarding and bobsleigh rides during the winter. Once the snow starts to melt they have the Skyline luge, zip-line , mini golf and mountain biking available to enjoy during the spring and summer months.


Spruce Meadows


This picturesque complex has captivated the worldwide audience of the sport of show jumping. There is no other place like it. Spruce Meadows blends the discipline of sport with the communication of international commerce and the goodwill of visitors, bringing Canada together with the world.