Traceability Symposium 2016

November 2 - 3, 2016


Calgary.  Be Part of the Energy!

Welcome to an innovative and vibrant city.




The City of Calgary is an exciting business centre and an outstanding meeting and convention destination. As the fourth-largest city in Canada, Calgary has a lot to offer visitors from around the world. In the downtown alone, you can discover more than 1,000 shops, 200 restaurants and 50 entertainment spots. Within the city, there are also 8,000 hectares of open space and parkland to explore.

As the urban backbone of Western Canada’s corporate and financial community, Calgary has come to symbolize rapid growth, enhanced quality of life and a future of unlimited horizons. Within this cosmopolitan small town, delegates and patrons will enjoy Calgary’s safe environment, cleanliness and legendary western hospitality. Not to mention the tantalizing array of pre- and post-meeting adventures awaiting you in the spectacular Canadian Rockies, only an hour’s drive from the city’s centre.

The Calgary International Airport is Canada’s third largest and offers world-wide reach to ensure easy accessibility.

The Traceability Symposium 2016 is organized by Canadian Cattle Identification Agency.

The objectives of the conference and trade show are to

  • Learn about the latest research findings and technologies,
  • Facilitate collaborative work and
  • Identify and prioritize research projects and technology developments that will facilitate implementation of traceability systems in the agricultural and food sectors.

Traceability Symposium 2016 will be a great platform to exchange views and knowledge.  Please join us for this important event.